September 2021 Newsletter


Well as to be expected the past couple of months have been a little slow in the show
front, but as summer comes to an end and we head into cooler (if that really happens in
Florida) months the show schedule and in particular Corvette shows (please see pages 25—
30) will pick up once again! As not receiving any response to the member and board
members corner I figured I would take a turn at it. It should be noted that there has been
participation in the past and board members Pete Hill , Kevin O’Grady, Don Kibler and as well
club member Doug Colbary immediately come to mind.

Please note the additional information regarding the Marion County Corvette show,
although not having a dedicated “Host Hotel” I did obtain information on hotels that are
within a seven mile radius of their November show, so take a L K at the upcoming
Corvette Events pages and support these other clubs…. as we believe they will support us.
Although I took a lead with regards to the Member/Board Members corner, I am still
seeking information —- from you—- for the newsletter.

As mentioned so many times in the past L K at the “Guide” on page 6 regarding the
submittal of information for that corner and give it a shot — I’m sure you have information
to share and more than likely better than what I shared with you in this issue of the newsletter.
The answers to last month’s TRIVIA are in this issue as well as some new trivia along
with a continuation of Corvette History.
As always I look forward to your input, photos, etc. for inclusion—again this is Y-O-U-R

Until next time, Larry