The Wave “Special Edition” – 2020 in the Rearview Mirror (Jan. 2021)


Wow….talk about a year that we all wanted to get into the rearview — 2020 was without a doubt —- it! I know it’s been a long time since you have seen a copy of “The Wave” , in fact May of 2020 was the last copy sent out. The hiatus was due to the many impacts of COVID-19, but mainly it’s affect on both show cancellations and the limitations imposed on event participation. All of which did not provide much stuff/input to create a newsletter which I considered worthy for distribution to the membership.

In last March’s issue of The Wave I stated the following: “As I put this edition of the newsletter to bed and get it out the door I want to make note of the attendance at club meetings. Just by observation of meeting turnouts and these are not official numbers, though I think you would agree, it appears that attendance and involvement is in the high 90 percent range of club members. As one who has been a member of various other fraternal and social associations—over the years—that number is not a small feat and speaks well of your elected board of directors and to you for involvement. None of us can make all the socials, shows, and other events constantly (calendar conflicts, car issues, etc.), but the club meetings are always well attended.”

I believe we can collectively and individually look back on the remainder of 2020, from June forward, and realize that even though there were cancellations, changes in how things were accomplished, and dealing with the ever changing issues related to COVID—that the club has both adjusted and persevered. In this recap of the year you will get an idea of just how well that was done.

As in all previous issues of The Wave…. Feedback is always welcome. As the year progresses on I will look at getting back into the routine publication schedule as noted on page _ and adding back in my “Vette” history and the “Trivia” sections.

I close with this look at the “Guide” for submitting information for the Member or Board Members corner . Take sometime to look that over and tell us about you and your ‘Vette. Until next time, Larry