They now have a Florida Caravan Captain identified – who is located in Tallahassee and has basically implemented the same itinerary that Rudy and Ann Hill (The previous Captains who dropped out back in early

February) established.

The Florida portion of the caravan can be viewed via the following link:

The dates identified in the link are as follows:

“August 25, 2024: We will begin our journey to Bowling Green by starting our Florida Caravan and arriving in Tallahassee on Sunday…”

“August 26, 2024: Monday morning we will gather at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum, to take a tour of over 160 rare, historic and antique automobiles from all over the world! On our way out of the museum we will grab a boxed lunch and depart for a Corvette Caravan to Talladega to run the superspeedway Tuesday morning.”

After Tuesday morning which would be August 27 there are no dates, but if the new captain is following what the Hill’s had originally put out they would be staying in Talladega after the Speedway and caravan up to Bowling Green/now Nashville the next day, the 28th.

The new Florida Captain has contact information in the Florida Caravan Section (previous link)

If anyone in the club wishes to go with Paz and I and make up our own small “caravan” here is our present itinerary:

        •       August 27 depart for 1st leg of the trip/caravan and

drive about 6 hours and remain overnight in Byron GA (approx. 440 miles +/-)

        •       August 28 depart Byron GA for Hendersonville TN another 6 hours+/- leg with bypassing Atlanta (Approx.  370 +/- miles)

                o       Hendersonville TN is approx.. 22 miles NW of Nashville

                        Plenty of attractions to visit in the Nashville Area such as:

                        •       Antique Archaeology (TV Show American Pickers)

                        •       Grand ‘Ole Opry

                        •       Country Music Hall of Fame

                        •       RCA Studio B

                        •       Johnny Cash Museum

        About 90 miles south of Hendersonville – Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg

                o       There was an evening “welcome” event (Casino Night) at the NCM in Bowling Green on the 28th, but it sold out.

        •       August 29th thru August 31st events at the NCM or take in Nashville and surrounding areas.

If interested in ‘caravaning’ with Paz and I let us know via email to: