2023 Gift Basket Info

Hello SCVers, it’s time to start preparation of gift baskets for our 2023 20th all-Corvette car show, “Vettes on the Avenue”. Last year we had many great baskets donated for the raffle and raised $1,500 to donate to our beneficiaries. The Gift Basket Raffle is one of the big fundraisers we have for our show!

Examples of Basket Themes:

            A Night at the Movies                                               Lottery Basket

            Date Night                                                                  Food Basket

            Bar-B-Que                                                                  Garden/Plant Basket

            A Day at the Beach                                                    …….be creative, have fun!

  1. Please NO chocolate or other items that can melt OR wine bottles with corks!
  2. Please make a printed list of the basket contents and attach to the front of the basket with the estimated value of the basket.
  3. Last year we had approximately 33 baskets!
  4. If you are not able to make a basket and still want to help, you can donate money and we will put a basket together.

    This year we would like all baskets to be at the show on October 22nd by 6:30 am. If you cannot get your basket there by 6:30 am, please contact one of the following to arrange pick up:

    1. Nancy Garoust (321) 749-9742
    2. Fay Ziegler (321) 768-1165
    3. Ann Riley (321) 652-7169

    Any questions, please let Fay Ziegler know. Also, if you would please let me know if you are creating a basket, what it is OR if you would prefer to donate cash to have a basket created in your name. We would like to have an idea of how many baskets to expect so we can provide enough space/tables, etc. for them.

    Thanks again to everyone for the support of the gift baskets! It will mean a lot to the Space Coast Honor Flight Veterans and The Children’s Hunger Project, as well as a nice gift for those that win!