June 2021 Newsletter


Well, activities really didn’t get rolling until around mid-month and thus the delay to
nearly the end of the month before sending this newsletter out. As stated in the last edition
of the newsletter we’re rolling back into the monthly schedule and Corvette History as well as
TRIVIA is back—starting with this edition! Not due to COVID concerns, but rather the
weather and usual slowing down in the summer months the future newsletters may be
lacking in the ‘show’ aspect. In this edition I started a new page (NUTS and BOLTS) which will
have miscellaneous information possibly not found elsewhere. NOTE: If some of the links do
not work do a cut and paste into your web browser.
As always I look forward to your input, photos, etc. for inclusion—as this is Y-O-U-R

As in previous, I close with this…. L OO K at the “Guide” on page 5 regarding the
submittal of information for either the Member or Board Members corner. Take some time
to view that guide and then put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard AND – tell us about you
and your ‘vette!

Until next time, Larry