October 2021 Newsletter


The Fall Show Scene is picking up and after the last SCV Newsletter was published we had some members who received awards at a local show (see pages 20 and 22)Speaking of shows, How about this…. as of this writing we have over 150+ registered visitor Corvettes and 51 registered Space Coast Vettes—Corvettes. That’s 200+ Vettes on the Avenue not including day of show drive-ups! Big Vette Wave to Liz Litterello she took up the challenge at last month’s meeting regarding the membership corner of the newsletter and her information is in this newsletter. Okay who’s next —as there has to be quite a few more stories to tell out there in SCV land!Due to being on the road late October—early November I’ll need input by the 5th of November and the actual November newsletter will be published approximately mid November . NOTE: November is the last regular newsletter for the year—See page 3. Just by the numbers you can see that we are getting support from other Corvette clubs and individual owners—for our show—so I would ask that you take a look at the upcoming Corvette Events pages (Pages 29-35) and support these other clubs—as they have for us! If you have Corvette items that you want to advertise for sale/giveaway in the news-letter let me know and I will place it into the “Nuts and Bolts” section (of course this is for members -only–and free) The answers to last month’s TRIVIA are in this issue as well as some new trivia along with a continuation of Corvette History. As always I look forward to your input, photos, etc. for inclusion.